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Debunking the Pointless: Further adventures in the nonsense of false-flaginess


I would like to respond to a couple of criticisms I received about my piece on “false flag” conspiracies in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Most of the response was positive, but a few conspiracy folks pointed out that I employed ad hominem rhetoric in my criticisms of conspiracy theorists and didn’t offer any actual evidence to debunk conspiracies.

On the first charge I plead somewhat guilty. I find it difficult not to be a tad snarky when discussing this topic, but, to clarify, I was not calling all conspiracy theorists paranoid schizophrenics. Although I certainly see how it could be read that way, what I was trying to say is that the absurd and twisted logic of believing in such “false flag” theories as they relate to tragic events like Boston or Sandy Hook would better be considered the purview of nut-job schizophrenics rather than the people seemingly of sound mind that believe this trash. It was a little bit of a swipe, sure, but a deserving one, in my opinion.

As for my not offering evidence to debunk the “false flag” charges concerning the Boston Marathon, besides the fact that this was not the point of the piece, my answer is: What evidence? Seriously, has anything been offered that even remotely passes the most cursory smell test of reasonable evidentiary standards? There’s simply not anything serious worth debunking. But I’ll play along for a moment and discuss some of the ridiculous shit being disseminated on the conspiracy sites:

1.      A bomb drill on the morning before the attack? – There is zero evidence for this other than a single witness, Alastair Stevenson, a former cross country coach from the University of Mobile in Alabama, who claims he saw police bomb squad officers with bomb-sniffing dogs before the race who were announcing to runners not to be alarmed, that they were just doing a training exercise. I’m not inclined to call Mr. Stevenson a liar, but it’s sort of funny that no one else has come forward to claim they also saw this. It’s not like the marathon was sparsely attended. But let’s say for a moment he is telling the truth. Obviously there was going to be police presence at a major event like this, and some will inevitably have dogs. Perhaps the dude thought he saw something shadier than what he actually saw. Perhaps he just saw some cops with dogs, which is not strange at all for an event like the Boston Marathon. But let’s go one step further and say there was some sort of police training exercise, or, hell, even a bomb drill (for which there is no evidence)… So what? Is the implication seriously that the police had prior knowledge that there might be a bombing later, so they were fucking training for it before the race? If the police had any indication that there might be a bomb, then the race would have been cancelled, plain and simple.

But let’s get even nuttier and say the police were in on it. If the police were in on it, wouldn’t it be a tad suspicious to be performing some shady bomb drill when they secretly knew full well that a “false flag” bombing would be happening later that day? If they secretly knew there was going to be a “false flag” bombing they would’ve stayed as far the hell away from anything resembling a bomb drill as possible. So, if they were engaging in a bomb drill (and that’s a big if), then I think that’s pretty strong evidence in and of itself that they had no fucking idea there would be a bombing later, but were simply doing a standard procedure police precautionary training exercise. And, seriously, do we even have to engage in absurd hypotheticals about whether the Boston police conspired to blow up innocent people in their own city? Give me a break.

2.       Private military contractors on the scene? – This is the one being trumpeted all over InfoWars. The claim is that if you look at some of the pictures from the marathon, you will see what appear to be some shady private military contractor-looking dudes wearing similar “uniforms” and standing around being all shady and whatnot. They go as far as to claim these contractors are from the military-training and private security firm Craft International. How do they know this? Because one of the dudes has a skull-looking thing on his cap and the skull is the symbol of Craft International (it also happens to be the symbol of the Marvel comic hero the Punisher, which is featured on baseball caps as well… so maybe he was a Punisher fan?) They also claim that one of them has a skull on his shirt, but it doesn’t look like a skull to me at all.

I will concede that the dudes do look like they could be part of a security team or perhaps undercover police officers. But so what? Security for major events like this are often handled by private security firms as well as the police. So, let’s say they did hire private security, and let’s even say it was Craft International… So what? They are a private security firm. That’s what they do. The InfoWars article even admits that they look surprised by the events, which “might argue against their prior knowledge of the bombings.” Well, if it argues against their prior knowledge of the bombings then what the hell are we talking about here?

They also point out that one of the dudes has a shady-looking backpack that looks suspiciously like the one investigators believe contained one of the bombs. OK, so let’s walk through this slowly. We’re not suggesting this dude standing there with the backpack has another bomb in it, right? That would be pretty ballsy and stupid to stand around after the bombs have gone off with a bomb in your backpack. So then, is the suggestion that these private military contractor dudes were hired to plant bombs and were also told to walk around in full view of the public with supposedly identical backpacks as the ones everyone will soon know in the next few days contained the bombs? Seems like a pretty stupid thing to do.

And if these people were undercover operatives why would they be wearing uniforms at all?  Isn’t that a bit suspicious? Not exactly a good way to blend in. And why would the New World Order brotherhood need to hire private military contractors at all? Would they seriously risk farming out black ops missions to for-hire grunts from a private security firm whose financial records are open to the public and at risk for subpoena? You would think if the Shadow Government folks needed to have operatives at the scene of the fucking crime they would be smart enough to use their own clandestine agents and be sure as hell they weren’t wearing noticeable uniforms.


See, this is what we call analytical thinking. Work through this stuff slowly and logically without preconceived notions. I feel silly even having to address this “false flag” stuff and risk giving it some air of credibility. But there you have it, folks. This is the best the conspiracy kooks have so far… which is nothing at all. And they’re so damn sure of themselves based on this pathetic smattering of absolute nonsense. Feel free to offer something more substantive if you feel I missed anything. But how anyone can look at this “evidence” and use it to concoct wild tales of “false flag” operations and not realize they’re only seeing what they want to see is beyond my ken.


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