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Costume Critique: Marvel reveals new Spidey duds


Earlier today, Marvel gave fans their first look at what Spider-Man will be wearing in his upcoming film, 2014’s “Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Director Marc Webb already hinted that the eyes on Spidey’s mask would be larger in the film, but they’re also surprisingly more John Romita-esque as well. The shape is rounder and more expressive, and generally make his face look smaller, which gives Spidey a friendlier look than the narrower, more Steve Ditko-ish lenses that he sported in 2012’s “The Amazing Spider-Man.” They also don’t have that icky yellow-ish tint anymore.

Overall the costume tends to resemble the costume worn in the Sam Raimi films by Tobey Maguire. Like with Maguire’s costume, the webs and the spider emblem are laid over the fabric, although in this version they appear to have the edgier, more angular design used in the last film. The colors are brighter as well.

No word yet on whether this signals the debut of the long-awaited Spider-belt-type-thing that was absent from the previous film’s costume design.

So really, what this costume says to me is that perhaps Webb and Co. will be trying to go in a less dark, Twilight-y direction with the new film. While a darker tone can sometimes have its place in a Spider-Man film, it’s good to see that they’re not continuing down that path and trying to capitalize on the success of darker superhero films like “The Dark Knight Rises.” The previous set of Spider-Man films were extremely light in tone by comparison, so perhaps by merging the two designs they’re hoping to walk a sort of tonal middle ground.

I also get the sense that they’re showing a sort of evolution on Spider-Man’s part. The last film’s costume, while still looking as though it were made for a multi-million dollar superhero film, did present itself as very rough around the edges. It came across as kind of a patchwork superhero costume, although not quite as raw as, say, what Kick-Ass wears. With this new costume being closer to the one from the Raimi flicks and closer to the comic book version, they seem to be painting the previous film’s suit as a sort of prototype.

Or it could mean that they want to re-brand the reboot as an extension of the Raimi films by ditching some of the more the radical changes that set the new series apart from the previous one.

Either way, I really love the eyes. I never understood why in every Spider-Man film they insisted on making his eyes little reflective triangles. It never looked right. Spider-Man has big, round, white cartoon character eyes. If nothing else has me looking forward to the next Spider-Man film, I at least want to see how the new eyes hold up.


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